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Chemical Extruder | Granulator

Chemical Extruder is the low pressure extruder for mass output used widely in Agro Chemical, Pesticide & Chemical Industries. Chemical Extruder is a simple structural equipment to provide higher output at very less cost. Chemical Extruder | GranulatorChemical Extruder creation is horizontal with hopper on the top than comes the pressing cam & mesh. The output from Chemical Extruder is in the range of 500 microns (0.5 mm) to 2000 microns (2.00 mm). Chemical Extruder are available from R&D level to Production with maximum output of 1000 kgs/hr on continuous basis.
Chemical Extruder design is as per cGMP requirement with manual controls & emergency button. Electrical is inbuilt for ease in maintenance HMI version available on requirement.