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Rotary Tray Dryer

Rotary Tray dryer Designed for continuous & rapid drying process. Drying is certainly one of the most energy-intensive operations in industries, and as most dryers operate at low thermal efficiency, the development of model and control system
Rotary Tray dryer offers an opportunity to improve dryer operation and efficiency. It is a process in which an unbound or bound volatile liquid is removed from a solid by evaporation. Traditional method for drying is a time consuming process whereas the rotary tray dryer enhances the drying speed and ensures uniforming drying of materials. Circle feeder for feeding.
Rotary tray dryer consist of a stack of slowly rotating circular detachable tray with slots assembled inside a closed insulated chamber. The material is fed into the top tray. Hot air is continuously circulated form the AHU. The material is leveled by a leveler. After one revolution the material is wiped on to the next lower tray where it is leveled again. This operation is repeated up to the last lower tray. Forced convection takes place to remove moisture from material placed in trays. The material is cooled and discharged into a collecting vessel. r