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Single pot, high shear processor is a bench top high shear granulator and single pot processor. The machine allows the processing of any type of product, from loading of raw materials to discharging dry granules, to be carried out in a single, contained bowl, thus eliminating contact between product, operator and environment.

At Umang Pharmatech we have a solution for every pharmaceutical processing challenge. High shear processor offers a choice of mixing, granulation and drying options integrated into one processing vessel. With our help you can choose the most appropriate technique for your product formulation.

The Single Pot process is a totally contained process. There is no transfer between the process steps. Thus giving dust free production and reduced risk of cross contamination. Our technology will be a perfect partner for your granulation process from the process development stages, to full-scale production. Suitable for solvent based granulation. Suitable for containment and isolation



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Single pot, high shear processor

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