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Tablet Coater

Tablet Coater is ideal equipment for coating of tablets, the coating process is enclosed consisting pan where in we put the tablets the pan rotates in its own axis and hot air is passed through the top with guiding way for heating the pan to a desired degree, liquid is sprayed through the nozzle and the due to the rotation of pan & hot air the coating process begins and layer over layer happens uniformly and the encapsulation of tablet happens.
Tablet Coater The hot air blown from top is blown out from below to the cyclone separator wherein dusts gets separated from the air and into the AHU and out into the atmosphere. Tablet Coater designed is to ensure proper and uniform layering of coating material over and over with reliable technology for every batch, the inlet Air is AHU controlled with steam coils for heating, the Pan is SS 316 designed perforated for Hot air passing, in the centre of the pan dia there are nozzle arrangement for uniform coating of liquid on the tablet, to reduce noise due to the movement of pan along with the tablets acoustic body is designed which reduces noise to much extent. Hot air is blown from out using blower.
The temperature is settable as per requirement. For cleaning we have put CIP nozzles which ensures cleaning is simple and less time consuming. The technology we have incorporated in the tablet coater is by reducing perforation of the pan we can use the same technology for coating of pellets and plain pans for making sugar spheres. Very small and compact tablet coaters we have developed keeping in mind to reduce R&D trial cost, the minimum tablets we can take trial is 100 gms and maximum 500 gms in R&D scale equipment which is table top design and for production scale it is 120 kgs per batch. Tablet Coater is fully PLC control operation with 21 CFR Part 11 & Scada for functions like online report generation, online uneditable printing, alarm historys, password protected system as per user requirement.