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Vibratory Dryer

Vibratory Dryer is the best technology in current market scenario for drying efficiently and uniformly be it powder, pellets or granules. The efficiency of the Vibratory Dryer is time proven. The design of the Vibratory Dryer is very simple but effective with distribution plate playing a very effective role in drying time and quality.
Vibratory Dryer The design we have involved as proven track record worldwide for efficiency and less time consumption for drying. From AHU the hot sir is passed in to the main chamber, the design of these chamber is to accommodate maximum air from the AHU and uniform distribution through the distribution plate from the product making a bubble effect ensuring proper air movement throughout the product for faster and efficient drying. Vibratory Dryer distribution plate is lazer cut and CNC drilled to ensure perfect Engineering in all aspects. Vibratory Dryer technology is commonly used in Pharma industry with proven record for good quality output.