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Axial Granulator | Extruder

Axial Granulator is widely used for making pellets of different sizes starting from minimum 400 microns to maximum 2000 microns. Axial Extruder gives mild compaction and is ideal for most of the Pharmaceutical formulation related to pelletization.
Axial Granulator | Extruder Axial Granulator consist of Hopper for loading of wet mass, Hopper as internal blades connected to gear to rotate and push material in a systematic manner in to the feed hopper of Granulator Chamber, Extrusion chamber is Jacketed from outside for circulation of cold water to maintain temperature of the product in case the product is sensitive in nature. Extrusion chamber consist of twin screws which transfer the material towards the pressing cam and out from the perforation of the screen of desired dia.
Axial Granulator is available from R&D to Production batches with minimum output of 250 gms and maximum 150 kgs/hr Axial Granulator are cGMP complied equipments with self standing model for Production scale & table top model for R&D scale